The following people were the first to find the errors corrected on the ERRATA page. They are listed in reverse chronological order (most recent first). At the end of this page is a complete alphabetical list of everyone who has found errors (first or not) or contributed in some other way. Thank you all for helping improve this book for everyone.
Eagle-eyed error spotters:
Gary Lennen – Page 315, 28 April 2009
Special Hall of Fame recognition spot:
This website built and maintained by: Carol Pecora and Alison van Diggelen.
Alphabetical list of all contributors:
Abraham, Charles
Alizadeh, Farshid
Blanch, Juan
Borre, Kai
Boynton, Franck
Brown, Alison
Chao, YC
Chen, Alan
Chiou, Tsung-yu
de la Porte, Serge
DeLorenzo, David
deSalas, Javier
Didenko, F’Lynne
Ene, Alex
Enge, Per
Evans, Keith
Fuchs, Don
Gao, Grace
Goldberg, Jason
Hyunh, Vinny
Kubo, Nobuaki
Lane, Chris
Langenstein, Tom
Lennen, Gary
Li, Hongming
Lo, Sherman
Lundgren, David
McDonald, Carolyn
McDonald, Keith
Medhani, Premal
Najarian, Richard
Pavan, John
Pecora, Carol
Phan, Huan
Podshivalov, Sergei
Pomerantz, Scott
Powell, David
Qiu, Di
Ramakrishnan, Shankar
Rango, Robert
Riben, Matt
Rodilitz, Ben
Samueli, Henry
Seo, Jiwon
Seshradi, Nambi
Silva, Randall
Spilker, James
Syrjärinne, Jari
Tan, Kathy
Tapucu, Emre
Teterina, Yelena
Usach, Alex
Van, Phong
van Diggelen, Lewis
van Diggelen, Tanera
van Diggelen, Alison
Venkatasubramanian, Vijay
Walsh, Mark
Walter, Todd
Zanutta, Roberto
Zhang, Godwin

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